infinix new model 2024 price in pakistan

Infinix Mobiles Price List Price RAM Storage Rating
Infinix Smart 8 Pro Rs. 26999 4GB 128GB 5
Infinix Hot 40i Rs. 29999 4GB 128GB 5
Infinix Hot 40 Rs. 39999 8GB 256GB 4.8
Infinix Hot 40 Pro Rs. 45999 8GB 256GB 2.3
Infinix Smart 8 Rs. 23999 4GB 64GB 5
Infinix Zero 30 Rs. 64999 8GB 256GB 4.3
Infinix Zero 30 5G Rs. 99999 12GB 256GB 3.5
Infinix Hot 30 Rs. 37999 8GB 128GB 3.3
Infinix Note 30 Pro Rs. 62999 8GB 256GB 3.4
Infinix Note 30 Rs. 44999 8GB 128GB 3.7

Upcoming Infinix New Model 2024 Price in Pakistan

In this article we will explain infinix new model 2024 price in pakistan with the latest lineup of Infinix smartphones set to hit the Pakistani market in 2024, offering cutting-edge features and unrivaled performance at competitive price points. With a diverse range of models catering to various needs and budgets, Infinix continues to push the boundaries of innovation while ensuring accessibility for all consumers.

First up is the Infinix Smart 8 Pro, priced at Rs. 26,999, combining affordability with impressive features to deliver an exceptional user experience. Next, we have the Infinix Hot 40i, priced at Rs. 29,999, offering enhanced performance and sleek design for those seeking a stylish yet budget-friendly option.

For users looking for a step up in performance and features, the Infinix Hot 40 is priced at Rs. 39,999, while the Hot 40 Pro, priced at Rs. 45,999, takes things to the next level with even more advanced specifications and capabilities.

The Infinix Smart 8, priced at Rs. 23,999, caters to the budget-conscious consumer without compromising on quality or functionality. Meanwhile, the Infinix Zero 30, priced at Rs. 64,999, offers flagship-level performance and premium design for those seeking the ultimate smartphone experience.

For users looking to embrace the future of mobile connectivity, the Infinix Zero 30 5G, priced at Rs. 99,999, provides lightning-fast 5G connectivity and state-of-the-art features to meet the demands of tomorrow’s technology.

The Infinix Hot 30, priced at Rs. 37,999, strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability, making it an ideal choice for users seeking value for money. Lastly, the Infinix Note 30 Pro, priced at Rs. 62,999, and the Infinix Note 30, priced at Rs. 44,999, offer exceptional camera capabilities and productivity features, making them perfect companions for both work and play.

With a diverse range of models to choose from, each offering its own unique set of features and capabilities, there’s an Infinix smartphone to suit every need and budget. Stay tuned for the official launch of these exciting new models, and get ready to experience the future of smartphone technology with Infinix.


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